We are fortunate to receive donations from local business organisations and individuals.

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To enable us to continue our work, we hold fund-raising events and collections at a variety of venues throughout the region.

These events also serve to raise the profile of our group and awareness of prostate cancer.


We are able to direct funds to other causes which will benefit men with prostate cancer.

  • Ken Jones presenting the group's £23,266 cheque to Professor Norman Ratcliffe with Chris Jones (L) and David Goddard (R).
    Ken Jones presenting the group’s £23,266 cheque to Professor Norman Ratcliffe with Chris Jones (L) and David Goddard (R).

    At the 2018 AGM a cheque for £23,266 was presented to Professor Norman Ratcliffe to pay for a MPhil/Phd student for the two year study to test a new ultra-sensitive “sniffing” device which they have recently developed to assess urine from prostate cancer patients.

    Report from Terry Devine ( PhD student) for Norman Ratcliffe’s project
    “Firstly let me introduce myself, my name is Terry and I am a PhD student here at UWE undertaking prostate cancer research for Norman Ratcliffe and Ben de Lacy Costello, which I am told you are partially funding. I would like to express my gratitude for this opportunity as finding a relevant PhD was important for my career progression. I am excited about the collaboration! Also I congratulate you on supporting such an important cause as prostate cancer and hope your existing work, alongside our contribution, will somehow benefit the field of prostate cancer detection, diagnosis and treatment.
    Currently, I am developing a method to analyse prostate cancer samples from urine headspace using SPME GC-MS for a company in Cardiff. The project is in the early stages and the results obtained so far need thorough analysis before we formulate any conclusions. The method will not be too dissimilar from the one used for your project, which will use the same instrumentation adapted to incorporate sensor technology.
    I apologise that it is long overdue but I just wanted to introduce myself and thank you for my research opportunity. let us hope my research produces promising results.
    Kindest regards,
    Terry Devine
    PhD Researcher; ACSFS
    Department of Applied Sciences
    Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences”

  • Presentation of cheque £17,784.96 to Morriston Hospital Urology TeamIn December 2017 following contact between Phil Burr and Mr Pradeep Bose a cheque, on behalf of the Group, for £17,786.36 has been sent to Alison Kneen at Morriston Hospital. This was for the purchase of two bladder scanners (1 for Morriston; 1 for Neath Port Talbot) plus a Danflow 1100 uro flow machine for Morriston.  We know that these items are always needed and some group members have already “experienced” their use!
  • In 2015 we donated £15000 to Hywel Dda University Health Board Urology Service for purchasing a biopsy fusion scanner.
  • In 2011 we donated £6,750 to the Urology department at Glangwili Hospital for the purchase of a second prostate biopsy probe.
  • In 2010 we donated £4,000 to Morriston Hospital to help purchase instruments for keyhole prostatectomies. A number of West Wales men have now benefited from this procedure.
  • Other donations have been made to Prostate Cancer UK and Cancer Research Wales.