The West Wales Prostate Cancer Support Group is a patient-led group of volunteers working in West and South West Wales. We offer support to prostate cancer patients and to their families and friends.


We aim to complement the work of consultants, doctors, nurses and all who work with prostate cancer patients. We do not offer medical advice. Instead we aim to give men the opportunity to talk to other men who have already been through the experience of investigation, diagnosis and treatment for prostate cancer. We can put you in touch with men who have had a range of therapies.


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  • 01239 710265 (Welsh speaker) or
  • 01834 831442 or
  • 01570 471193 or
  • 07870 917806 ***

If you want to talk in confidence please ring any of the above numbers.  We can put you in touch with other prostate cancer patients with experience of different treatments and outcomes. Please ask if you wish to talk to a Welsh speaker, and we will try to arrange this.

*** The 4th number listed above is a mobile phone.  This is costly to call from a land line but don’t worry.  The call recipient will be happy to return your call.


As well as working with professionals in the NHS, we have established links with Prostate Cancer UK, Macmillan Cancer Support, CISS – Cancer Information and Support Services (Swansea), and other national and local organisations working in the field of cancer care.


The information and opinions expressed on this website are not endorsements or recommendations for any medical treatment, product, service or course of action by The West Wales Prostate Cancer Support Group, its officers or the editors of this website. For medical, legal or other advice please consult professionals of your choice.